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So here we are at the end of my trip down memory lane, taking in some of my coastal paintings where I have reacquainted myself with all the decisions that went into the making of each painting.   I can only hope that my free-spirit towards the whole process of art comes through.

Tom Wanless was born in 1929 in Co Durham.   He was educated at Washington Grammar School and later qualified as a teacher at Bede College (Durham University).   Following National Service with the Royal Army Education Corps in Kenya, he studied at Sunderland College of Art.    During forty successful years in art education as teacher, lecturer and examiner, he also obtained qualifications as a post-graduate student at Bristol University  and the University of Wales.   In 1989, he retired from Leeds Polytechnic, where he was Principal Lecturer in Art and Design and Co-ordinator for the Creative Arts.

Once free to devote himself to being a full-time artist, he was immediately successful in submitting his work to open  competitions and galleries in London and elsewhere.   In addition to showing work with the RWS., RI. And RSMA, he was elected to full membership of the ROI (1996) and the RBA (1998).    On eight occasions, his work was selected for the final exhibitions of the Singer-Friedlander/Sunday Times  Watercolour Competitions.   At a different level, he was also commissioned as an illustrator by Collins (London and Glasgow) and other educational publishers.    

A major article concerning Tom’s approach to painting was published in the “International Artist” magazine (Nov. 2005) in their Master Painters of the World section under the heading “How to work in the zone of uncertainty !”   In 2015 his work was chosen for the “Artist Magazine Award” in the ROI exhibition of that year.   The magazine published a main feature article “Capture the spirit of winter trees.”

Most of the work on this site is now in public and private collections in the UK., Europe, Australasia and North America.