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        ARTWORK by

         TO M WANLESS NDD  DAE  MEd  RBA (ret)  SeniorROI


This is the call we have often heard from leading artists since the exciting times of the early modernism.  Presumably. they are referring to over-doing  explicit  detail  in a painting, but rarely do they give anything further to open up this gateway to success.

What do they mean by less of what in order to achieve more of what? There is always the hint that it takes art to a new level. If it means that a painting is something more than a photographic replication then attention is shifted to the artist’s intuitive interpretations. The upheaval from the theorising of individual artists in the “isms” in the 20th century changed the emphasis of art into the complex area of personal expression and imagination.  

Most artists, myself included, have done paintings to death by not knowing when to stop. My paintings on this site all illustrate stages where I feel that I have carried an idea far enough to encourage viewers to participate in the painting processes involved in arriving at any image.  

I have suppressed detail to focus and interact with every mark that has been included in each image. Each painting aims to achieve a level of ambivalence, but in a framework of ambience and beauty in the arrangement and treatment of colours and shapes making up the final image.

My intention since the 1950’s, when I painted “Across the Colliery Fields”, has always been to concentrate more on everything that was happening on the painted surface.   “The Hill Farm” was painted around 2014 when I had acquired considerable skill in using only a palette knife to keep my colour transitions clean and “edges” softer and under greater  control.

“Across Colliery Fields”

“Yorkshire Hill Farm”